Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, it's been one of those mish-mash weeks. You know the kind - the ones where the days are all mixed you (you think it's Friday, it's really only Tuesday), you feel tired, restless and just want the week to end.

I'm actually having a ball at work - in that I'm writing copy faster, writing more interesting intro's and I think the main point it, getting more confident about my writing.
I'm curious, is this a general path most new employees take?

Do we all kind of go into a new place feeling like we really don't belong there/can't believe we were hired because we secretly know just how bad we are?
Then we kind go on our merry way, but never quite get into the groove of things because we're too busy critiquing ourselves?

Then, suddenly, it's as if you have a epiphany, you arrive and you do your job and for once, you walk away genuinely pleased. It's a rare, wonderful feeling. One that you try to hold on to and revisit whenever you feel your confidence crumbling.
Then, before you know it, you're not the new kid anymore...you're 'one of the family'. It all happened so fast!

So, do you guys go through that path of work self doubt? Or, do you start a new job totally confident and wanting to kick ass (I know my neighbour does...so I'm sure more people do!)

Anyway, I'm off to meet an old friend before work. Have a wonderful day, wherever you are :)

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Sarah Von said...

I think we all go through bits of self doubt when we start something new. (At least I rather hope others do as well and I'm not the only one!)

Now that I've been teaching for a while, I'm pretty confident, but when I started I remember feeling all "Ummm, what? I'm in charge? Of all these people? What if I mess up? I could actually teach them hugely inaccurate things and no one would stop me"

So then I taught my kindergardeners how to booty dance.