Saturday, December 27, 2008

60's baby!

Right now I am totally into and in love with the 60's era. I love the straight cut clothes, the short hair cuts, the androgyny, the clean but eccentric make-up. I love, love, LOVE it all. So, in honour of my new found worship - I have dedicated a post to help anyone else who wishes to join me on my brigade to re-visit the era style blessed.

  • Here's a wonderful run-down of the tragic life of 60's icon, Edie Segwick's.

  • Eye make-up from the 60's is one of the most quintessential elements of the whole mod get-up. It's dark, lots of mascara, liner,'s all big, black and bold. If you need a lesson in how to paint some 60's magic on your blinkers, check out this site.
  • If you wanna see a video outlining a step-by-step process, check this out.
  • OH.MY.GOD...ModCloth has the best (and I'm not exaggerating here), they have the bestest clothes if you want to transform yourself into Edie Sedgwick or any other 60's chanteuse. The prices are really reasonable, some of their is one-of-a-kind so you know you won't catch anyone else wearing what you've got, and the people that run it are a nice bunch of folks. What are you waiting for? Click, click, CLICK!
  • This site has everything you need to know about the decade (pity about it being littered with gif's from 98).

  • And how could I forget that other mod-icon... TWIGGY! It's funny, because in all her old 60's modelling shots she never smiled. Not that it bothered me, I think the whole waif, lost child look totally added to her charm. But not, she has completely changed and smiles and smiles and smiles.

Check out this video dedicated to living life in the mod-era

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