Tuesday, December 2, 2008

what love

I think, we need to take a little bit of a closer look at what love is.
Novelists wrote about it, poets live for it, and the average person yearns for it.
But is it just a misguided notion? Do we all want romantic love? Or, do we feel we're simply supposed to want it, because everybody else does?

Mary Evens doesn't believe in love at all. My English literature professor wrote a review on her amazing book, 'Love; an unromantic discussion'. Here's one of the things she said:

'Ideas of romantic love are continually reproduced in art, literature, and media, forming part of our larger cultural imagination. In romantic love we enter the world of fantasy, and in a sense, take flight from reality. Entering into this fantasy, this play of romantic love, has all kinds of personal and social consequences. One might ask: is romantic love a desirable deception? Sociologist Mary Evans thinks not. In Love: An Unromantic Discussion, she urges us—women in particular—to abandon romantic love. It is individualistic. Its expectations are too high. It is demanding. It’s commodified love. It is a myth. It’s bound to fail. For women, it is a trap.'

-Deborah Pike

A woman, who doesn't subscribe to pre-conceived ideas of love? Scandal!
She's had her heart broken, that must be it. That's what we all think right? It seems inconceivable that a woman could arrive at this belief. Women are, after all, only here to serve men.
Last night while I slaved away behind a news desk for a late night radio show, I started flipping through my thesaurus (otherwise known as my bible), and decided to look up love.

The results were quite eye-opening:
Love: worship, adoration, devotion

It's all about loosing yourself isn't it?
Forgetting yourself as you simply melt into someone else's character,
someones else's likes, dislike's.
How can you remember yourself,
When you exist for someone else?
You don't matter,
You don't even care about mattering,
You matter because you are wanted.


Annie said...

Well, I guess that's one way of looking at it. I don't know, I think love is fun! Even the heartaches are worth it.

Natasha said...

Ahhh, the heartaches end up teaching you more about yourself than anything else. It hurts so much, but once time has passed - you realise how important the experiance really was.