Sunday, December 28, 2008


Zing, zing, zing.
It's been the oddest week. It's Sunday, but feels like Friday. You know when that happens, and you feel all out-of-sync and then your week turns into one big snowball of days?
Plus, the week will turn into a brand New Year mid-way through, so you cant understand why I feel so odd.

I've taken to immersing myself in Monty Python and lots of other silly things. I'm a big Python fan, I love the lads and I think their humour is pure genius. I know it's not funny to everyone (my mum doesn't like them at all), but, i find the absurdity and odd nature of their skits put me in a different mind-set. And that's what I love about them. I think that should be the aim of anyone who is creating; be it art, skits, music etc. You want your audience to be transported into a different place, taken out of reality and thrown somewhere else.

Philosophers Football

I have to say though, I used to think Michael Palin was by far the most attractive Python boy, BUT, I've taken quite a liking to Terry Jones recently. That's not to say I think Jones is the funniest, oh no, that honour goes to Cleese, Chapman and Palin ( can't pick, sorry ), but looks wise? Yeah, Jones wins that...even dressed as a woman which he seems to have a penchant for.

Fish Slapping Dance

So, what I want to know is, is the Monty Python love a purely British/Australian thing, or do other people 'get it' or 'get them' ?.



Sam Rapson said...

I definitely know Americans who are quite keen on the Monty ... but probably not nearly as many fans here as in Oz. I love that top picture, I didn't recognize it and fully expected your post to be about abstract art ;)

Sarah Von said...

Ah, sorry that comment was from me, I was logged in under The Mister's account!

Natasha said...

haha - you realise how cheeky you could be, and what you could get up too if you stayed in logged into his account?