Thursday, November 27, 2008



We live, and we die
like the stars,
nothing more.

We flicker in moments
when life can be felt
but for most
stare out dumbly
while we wait
and we wait.

10 thousands years to make a spark alight
in a licorish black sky
oh the patience
oh the fight

Children dream of the stars
and someday, they hope,
to maybe catch that twinkle,
and with eyes squeezed tight
and lips pursed with might
make a wish for their life,
or for candy,
or for dreams.

Not yet abused, by this cynical joke,
It seems possible still,
to touch the lights of the night.
My heart skips a beat,
maybe two,
When those memories of youth
do filter through

But, you learn to block,
and to stop,
and to freeze,
Those damaging thoughts of childhood
oh how they tease, and they tease.

Stars - Les Miserables

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