Monday, November 24, 2008

baby names

I've been thinking about kids names. I have no idea why though, it's not as if the prospect is an immediate one. However, I do find it an intriguingly, entertaining exercise.
That said, I will now share with you a few names I'm quite keen poor, poor children.


  • Ariel (not sure why, I just love the name. But, since I became a huge fan of Sylvia Plath, it takes up an ever bigger place in my heart)

  • Eskandar (this is a new favourite, and I just came upon it when I looked at the authors name on my book of quotes)


  • Aida (I think it's strong, pretty, and the nick-name can be Edie, which is also tres-stunning)

  • Aurora (Because my mum wanted to call me this)

Wow, huh...I'm going for alot of the 'A' names huh?

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