Saturday, November 15, 2008

city lights

No matter where in the world I end up calling home - there is one thing I want to be able to see:The city lights. I remember being asked what kind of home I wanted - I said the size didn't matter so much - as long as I could see the city lights - and smell the city scent...anyone who has lived in the hussle and bustle knows what I'm talking about.


This whole desire was born out of trips my parents and I would take to the city. We didn't live far, maybe a half hours drive from the main business district, but, many times a month we'd go in there at night to see the opera, or the theatre or go out for dinner.
Sitting in the back seat of our car and staring outside the window as the city lights whirled by, are some of my favourite memories in the world.


The night lights brought only good memories for me. For some reason, the dark sky combined with the glittering city lights evoked some kind of magical feeling within me. It was this feeling of hopefullness, that anything was possible - I felt like I was in some kind of fairy tale. But alas, the feelings would wash away with the rising of the sun.


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