Sunday, November 30, 2008

get what you want

While I wait patiently for my conscience to make a decision ( I don't want to feel bad you know), I'm going to try and fix a small problem. See...I want someone or something I can't have. And, it's killing me a little bit. No, no, I'm not going all emo//sad here. I'm just sayin.
There's plenty of times when you want something/one you can't have and it's all consuming. More so, because the challenge to get that thing is even greater.

So, if you're going through the same emotional roller coaster that I am, lets take comfort in these links together:

  • A few tips from the queen of self-betterment, OPRAH
  • This article is written by lifestyle coach Aymen Fares. It's nice and simple.
  • How to really get what you want (not sure why the really is in the title, but, there you go)
  • Get what you want from ANYONE. I like this blog :p

Oh, and listen to this while you search. Hehe.

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BitterPineapple said...

Hey! I just clicked over from Gala's Daily Outfit post. Anyway, it's soooo interesting that you posted this. I'm in NYC and I noticed the moon and the "two stars". I took pictures with my camera phone. But this pic you posted was better. I love that the two stars happen to be planets! No wonder they were so bright!