Saturday, January 3, 2009


Not sure if you're a movie person or not, but I am. God I love films.
I think one of my favourite things in the world is to visit the cinema - I love waiting while the lights go down, the movie begins and boom - you're transported into a whole new world. And for an  hour and 56 minutes you leave reality. It's nice, it's beautiful.

I saw one the greatest films I've ever seen yesterday. Slumdog Millionaire.
I don't know how well known this film is around the world. I know it's a HUGE hit in indie circles, but mainstream >>> probably not. 

My dad was the person that wanted to go an see this. I thought, from the title, that it would be some gangster flick and I tried to persuade him against it. But, after watching the tralier I realise how wrong I was.

I won't tell you the plot line, the trailer can do that much, much better than I can. I will tell you that this film is the most uplifting piece of cinema for this year (yes! I'm making a huge prediction). It's bursting with hope, the performances are flawless, and you'll do the whole bit - laugh, cry and sigh.

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