Sunday, January 11, 2009

Celebrities never miss a chance to get political...

I'm not really too sure who Laura Dern is. No, actually I have heard of her. But I only know her as Bruce Dern's daughter or that chick who married Ben Harper.
I have an inkling she was in some film back in the early 90's that involved dinosaurs and Richard Attenborough or something...but I don't think it was very popular.

Anywhoo, the Golden Globes just aired today (yawn) and apart from them being completely boring, which I don't think is a shock to anyone....award shows like these are usually used as political podiums for actors who feel it's their job to tell us plebeians who we should vote for...and what kind of issues are like really like totally important at the moment y'all.

Thing is, it's pretty easy to say something to a group of people who share the same views as you. Now, everyone knows Hollywood is completely left...if it's possible they are left of left. So for Dern, or someone like Tim Robbins to get up on stage and make some bogus political acclamation is cowardly. They know they'll be applauded, they know no-one will disagree with them, so that's why they say it. 

I don't know one person who after Laura Dern made her pathetic tribute to Obama go "Oh goodie, I'm so glad she made a political statement, that's exactly what I watched the Golden Globes to see!". 

Dern, Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Sally Field, and the rest of the left-of-left brigade should consider saving their Obama love-fest for the next time they hold a 'We Hate The West' party.

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